About Us

At our heart, we're more than just a small business; we're part of a vibrant community hub, a family-owned enterprise with a drive for the upmost quality and unwavering support for our local community and fellow small businesses. Specializing in custom-designed t-shirts, we infuse every inch with creativity and joy, turning ideas into canvases of self-expression and shared moments of laughter and connection. But our mission goes beyond apparel. We pride ourselves on utilizing materials sourced from other small businesses, collaborating to create marketing materials, apparel, and customer gifts that not only reflect a partnering dedication to excellence but also empower and uplift those around us. With each product we make, we're not just making something tangible; we're weaving together the fabric of our community, one thread at a time.

Everything with SevenThirty Pro is made by us; with PRIDE.

Looking for something custom? Let’s make it happen!